Web 2.0 – Yet another (and cynical) bubble warning

noviembre 15, 2006

Why I always get the same feeling when some people try to warn us that another internet bubble is about to burst?

Nevertheless, this list is written with a lot of common sense, while there are lots of things going (and that are included here) that are just plain truth.

1. We learned our lesson last time. And we’re going to cash out before this bubble pops.
2. This is not a bubble. Hot parties, overheated PR pitches, and five or six dozen social networking sites are just healthy indicators of a new boom.
3. It’s all about community and sharing. But we told our venture capitalists that our exit strategy will make them rich. (Corollary: But you have to know someone to get into our conference/party.)
4. Online advertising will pay for everything. As if click fraud is any kind of a threat.
5. These sites are so easy, my mother could use them. And they’re so geeky, she has no interest in even trying.
6. The analysts are trustworthy now. Like the one who said MySpace will be worth $15 billion in a few years — or was that the one who said Amazon was worth $400 a share? Whoops, I’m mixing my bubbles.
7. There’s no glut of social networks — young people are always up for trying something new. And we’re happy to share in the 17 percent of them who aren’t glued to MySpace.
8. Our site is still in Beta. And it won’t be out of Beta until we figure out how to make money from it, or sell it to Google, whichever comes first.
9. We’re different from all those other sites. But we have a silly name, open APIs, some flashy Ajax technology, and other features just like the rest of them.
10. We look forward to working with our new partners at Google.

Thanx again, Andy.




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