Public Relations: 21 tips to launch a new blog

noviembre 11, 2006

Great post for those who want to launch a new blog and don’t know how to make a success out of it!

It seems to me that all these recommendations are based in common sense and in pure experience, which means in pure knowledge and good taste. You MUST follow them:

1. Connect with your readers through an about page and welcome message.
2. Don’t get seen naked: Never launch a blog with fewer than 5 posts.
3. Make sure a link to your RSS feed is available above the fold.
4. Make RSS easier still: Add subscribe links to the most popular newsreaders.
5. Offer an email version of your RSS feed.
6. Put chicklets in your template.
7. Be your own promoter: Seed your best posts.
8. Leave highly valuable comments on other blogs in your niche.
9. Reload quickly: Take advantage of your initial launch buzz.
10. Include tons of outbound links in your posts.
11. If you have something to give, give it away!
12. Start real relationships with bloggers in your niche.
13. Submit your blog to blog directories.
14. Submit your blog to general web directories such as DMOZ and Aviva.
15. Leave your blog’s URL as your signature when you participate in forums.
16. Use your URL in your email signature.
17. Myspace or Facebook members: Put a link in your profile.
18. Submit guest posts at other blogs.
19. Ask friends for feedback on your site.
20. Go ‘Real-World’ with other bloggers.
21. Dress up your comments.

Via Andy Wibbels / Aviva Directory.




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